Celebrating The 14th Year of Best of The British Bangladeshi Community.

Celebrating The 14th Year of Best of The British Bangladeshi Community.

The British Bangladeshis have made their own place in multicultural Britain with contributions in their respective fields and have been playing a major role in the growth of this country. The British Bangladeshi Who’s Who publication emphasises the success of the Bangladeshi community and showcases it to both the British and Bangladeshi community in the UK. Lord Shaun Bailey, Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh Mohammed Hazrat Ali Khan,Cardiff City Lord Mayor Bablin Mollik, Conservative Candidate for London City Mayor Susan Hall, Mayor of Camden Nazma Rahman, Mayor of Redbridge Jyotsna Islam, Channel S Chairmain Ahmed Us Samad Choudhury JP,Founder Channel S Mahee Ferdhous Jalil, Barrister Anis Rahman OBE, Cllr Jasmin Choudhury, Cllr Syeda Choudhury, Cllr Shams Islam were present as special guests along with other community and print and electronic media journalists and leaders of Bangladeshi community dignitariesattended at the 14th anniversary of  British Bangladeshi Who’s Who award ceremony and gala dinner. The enormous event was held on 14th of November at Meridian Grand in London.

In his speech, Lord Shaun Bailey praised highly of the work of British Bangladeshis and also emphasised on the invaluable contribution they are making as the integral part of British society. He also congratulated the award winners.
Lord Mayor of Cardiff Bablin Mollik praised highly of the achievements of British Bangladeshis and mentioned that there are already four law makers in British Parliament.  Congratulating the award winners, she called up the Bangladeshi community in the UK to involve more in mainstream politics.

The programme was introduced with the opening remarks by Suhana Ahmed – Executive Editor of the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who. The event was presented by most outstanding and highly accomplished presenters of present time, Barrister Anawar Miah and Barrister Nadia Ali.
Abdul Karim Goni, Founder of the publication thanked everyone for attending, supporting the gala event and the publication since its beginning. He also thanked all the sponsors and partners who have helped make this event and the publication possible.

Finally he thanked the whole British Bangladeshi Who’s Who team for their hard work through the year.  He said “Like years gone by, we have unearthed some real gems again. Individuals who have performed extremely well and excelled in their sector andhighlight the amazing work of the community”.

“We have also chosen some worthy award winners. These personalities have truly remarkable and inspirational and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy learning about their achievements and success as much as we have.”

Suhana Ahmed  – Executive Editor of the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who said, “The publication and the gala event has become well-known within the British Bangladeshi community. I like many of our supporters and well-wishers look forward to reading the profiles and attending the gala event. “The reasoning behind the publication is two-fold: Firstly, it provides inspirational role models for other members of our community, especially the youths.’’

“Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, at a time when various factions of the media and society are questioning the value of migration, this publication serves to highlight the extensive and remarkable contributions that British Bangladeshis are making here”.

The Bangla Mirror Group started publishing the first English weekly newspaper for the British Bangladeshis known as ‘Bangla Mirror’ in October 2002. Since then the organisation has rapidly expanded and also publishes the highly successful British Bangladeshi Who’s Who, an annual publication that list the profiles of the best of the British Bangladeshi community in the UK.

The awards were given to those who made significant contributions in the community as well as in the mainstream.

Apsana Begum MP received her award from Channel S Chairman Ahmed Us Samad Choudhury JP who was accompanied by Founder of British Bangladeshi Who’s Who Abdul Karim Goni.

Tofuzzul Miah received his award from Lord Shaun Bailey, who was accompanied by Work Permit Cloud Founder Barrister Luthfur Rahman.

Mahbub Rahman received his award from Founder of Channel S Mahee Ferdhous Jalil , who was accompanied by Founder of Euro Asia Food Services Abu Lais.

Foysol Hussain Choudhury MSP MBE s award was received by Fozlur Rahman Akik and awarded by Cardiff City Lord Mayor Bablin Mollik.

Valerie Ann Taylor OBE received her award from Mayor nazma Rahman, who was accompanied by Director of Meridian Grand Nikita Mulchandani and Founder of British Bangladeshi Who’s Who Abdul Korim Goni and  G10 Design and Printers Director Jorid Miah.

Emon Ahmeds award was collected by Marcus Malik of Ackrord Legal and received from Conservative Mayor Candidate Susan Hall who was accompanied by Apex Accountancy Director Tarek Mahmud.

Tapan Shaha received his award from Lord Shaun Bailey accompanied by Prime Estate Agent Director Kazi Arif.

Abdus Salam received his award from Redbridge Mayor Jyotsna Islam who was accompanied by JMG Air Cargo Chairman Monir Ahmed.

The Bangla Mirror Group has been publishing the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who since 2008. The publication and event was the brainchild of the father and son. This year’s publication consists of 273 individuals including medics, journalists, lawyers, businessmen, accountants and others from various walks of life.

The Bangla Mirror group who were behind the publication boast an impressive team,  Ahad Ahmed, Barrister Anawar Miah, Koyes Uddin, Mohammed Ali, Hafsa Islam, Sabia Khatun,Zakir Karim, Rahmin Karim, Faruk Miah MBE, ,Sadik Karim,Tamanna Miah,Sajia Afrin Choudhury,Shihab Hussen,  also present at the event.

The 2023 publication and gala dinner is sponsored and supported by numerous organisations and businesses, and in association with Meridian Grand and in partnership with Work Permit Cloud.

The event was managed by Pearl Advertising.

The media partners of the gala dinner includes: Channel S TV, G10 Design & printers, Impress Media.

The chosen official charity partner for this year’s event is Iqra International.

The event is supported by Prime Estate Agents, Apex Accountancy, Dream Spas, JMG Air Cargo, Eco Innovations, Eurasia food service, RecUK Energy, Square Food & Beverage LTD.

Also advertisers include Vantage Accident management, Unisoft, Print Art for U, Sultan Caterers, Kushiara Travels, Digicom, Carplanet, Z Coaches London, Lear view Auto Group LTD, ABM Moulivibazar.

The Bangla Mirror Group is indebted to those who have supported this publication and are continuing to do so, as without the community’s support the publication and gala event of such magnitude would never be possible. Thank you all for your support.