About Us

In Britain there is an annual publication entitled ‘Who’s Who’. It is a celebration of all individuals from various sectors who are at the top of their respective arenas. It was established in the 1800’s and serves as a history of all renowned personalities from all walks of life, and up to now has more than 30,000 entries. We have taken the initiative to highlight distinguished figures in the Bangladeshi community here in Britain, and although there have been similar publications in the past we are different.
Why? Because British Bangladeshis Who’s Who will be a legacy that the future generation will be able to look back at and recognise personalities and celebrate their success. The Bangladeshi community has been an integral part of Britain for nearly 100 years, and yet they are not adequately recognised. This publication aims to recognise your success and keep it a lasting memory. This annual publication, which was established in 2008 will be continually developing and recording history.
British Bangladeshis Who’s Who is a compilation of prominent Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, businessmen, academics, professionals and community members from various sectors, based within Britain. The annual publication comprises of a dedicated section per entrant, with their detailed profile: academic history, business and employment history, charity and other organisations they are involved with, family and background information, as well as any other information which is relevant to their profile. The publication also boasts a selective and exclusive approach, namely that certain minimum requirements have to be met by each entrant.
Each year the publication is launched during a gala dinner, which over the years has grown bigger. During the launch a gala dinner, certain award winners are also announced. These are individuals who have excelled during that particular year.
The British Bangladeshi Who’s Who launch gala dinner has become an annual calendar date and has been a platform to showcase the success stories of this ever advancing community.
The Bangla Mirror Group have been publishing the British Bangladeshi Who's Who. The publication and event was the idea of M Abdul karim (Goni ) and his son Shahadoth Karim.