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About us
Foreword from the Editor in Chief

In Britain there is an annual publication titled ‘Who’s Who’, and this is a celebration of all individuals from various sectors who are at the top of their respective arena. It was established in 1849 and serves as a history of all renowned personalities from all walks of life, up to now it has 32,000 entrants. We have now taken the initiative to highlight distinguished figures in the Bangladeshi community here in Britain, and although there may have been many publications in the past attempting to do this we are different. Why? Because British Bangladeshis: Who’s W will be a legacy that the generation in 50 years time will be able to look back at and remember those

We have reached our first milestone as we celebrate the 12th year of this publication and launch gala dinner.

Foreword from the Executive Editor

This year I find myself filled with a sense of contentment as I write this knowing that the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who has now made it to its twelfth year.

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